Word Combination is a fun word game that mixes the casual fun of classic word search with increasingly difficult challenges. In the game you use a six-column "dial" (like a bicycle chain or briefcase lock) to unlock words. These words earn you points. The points earn you upgrades. The upgrades earn you even more points. It's a vicious cycle.

Word Combination features Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards. Show all of your friends how much more awesome you are by passing them in rankings! You can even share your results on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and any other social network that allows you to gloat about your awesome abilities.

Word Combination has THREE modes:

- Levels Mode (FREE): Levels Mode has 100 levels of word-related challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. These challenges include unlocking a certain amount of words, earning a certain amount of points, finding a certain amount of words in specific categories, time challenges, and much more!

- Endless Mode (Paid Version): Endless Mode pits you against the clock to unlock as many words as you can. Unlocking 5 and 6 letter words refills the timer. You can also use the Time Perk up to 3 times per session to refill the timer.

- Timeless Mode (Paid Version): Timeless Mode is one long, never ending bonus round. There is no timer, no restriction on how many perks you can use, and is only over when YOU say it is over. Timeless Mode is the best way to rack up points for the more expensive upgrades!

Word Combination also allows you to use a few Perks to help you with your challenges:

- Out of time?! The Time Perk refills part of the Time Bar on timed levels and Endless Mode.

- Out of words?! The Swap Perk allows you to completely change the letters you have to choose from so that you can easily find more words.

If you like the game, please take a moment to review it below. The reviews help out a lot, and we really appreciate it. If you have an idea how to make the game better, please mention it in your review! We love adding requested features!

Now for the bad news:
Word Combination is supported by advertisements. Banner advertisements take up too much screen real estate (for your word searching), so we are using Interstitial ads from Google AdWords. These advertisements will only display on every tenth level, and whenever you quit to the main screen. They aren't that annoying, I promise.

Now for the good news:
You can get rid of the advertisements for only $1! By buying Word Combination, you also have access to Endless AND Timeless Modes!

Thanks for giving Word Combination a shot, we hope you enjoy the game!

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