"What's the Item?" is a completely new take on the Hidden Object genre! When searching for an item, you flip "Clue Cards" that reveal progressively more letters of the item's name. Think hangman or Wheel of Fortune, but with hidden objects! There is also a "letters" clue that shows all the letters of the item in jumbled order. If you enjoy playing hidden object or word games, you will love this!

The items and clues will change each time you play, meaning you can play many times for a different experience. The challenge is to find the item using as few clues as possible. Later clues will reveal what the item looks like and show a hint if you get stuck. We are very excited about the possibilities of this new engine!

This "What's the Item?" game - "Kingdom of Dreams" - features amazing graphics by acclaimed best-selling artist Phatpuppy. There are 12 scenes with hauntingly beautiful images. Oh, and did we mention this version is completely FREE?!

We hope you enjoy the game and would love your feedback - please leave a review or shoot us an email! Your impressions can help us improve the next iteration of the engine.

Have fun :)