One weird day, you wake up on a strange island. It's quite a beautiful place, with beaches, forests, mountains, caves, a waterfall, exotic plants and tropical creatures. You suspect there may be more to the place than meets the eye. But you don't know why you're there and decide to explore and possibly find a way out.

This is a text-based game written in English. Yes, text: like a book or an email or what you're reading now. It's not highly graphical but offers a different type of experience from 3D games with cartoons and funny noises. It's inspired by text adventures that were popular on 8-bit home computers in the 1980s. These days, this type of game is also known as interactive fiction.

Free download, includes banner advertising.

Tested on 2.3.6. and 4.1.1.

My first game, hope you enjoy it!

The sequel ALIEN SHIPWRECK is also available!