*Note* This is not a card game, don't blame me if you don't read this. Thank you kindly. :)
Introducing a brand new way to play high low! Start the game and you will be given a random number within a particular range. Guess whether the next random number will be higher or lower. Use powerups, strategy and pure dumb luck to set a new high score. Challenge your family, friends or enemies to a High Low Pro showdown. Use it (responsibly) as a drinking game. The possibilities are endless. Why waste money in a casino when you can play HLP without any of that pesky risk/potential financial gain?

How to play:
(1) Click shuffle to start off the game.
(2) The number range will appear at the top. Your number will appear between the arrows. Guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than your current number. Select the appropriate arrow.
(3) Click Spin to get your next number.
(4) You will either gain points or lose a life depending on if your guess was correct.
(5) Powerups will randomly be assigned. You will know you have a powerup when the button turns green or yellow. The description of the powerup will appear below the arrows.
(6) Sometimes you will be forced to reshuffle which will result in a new range and number. When this happens you will see "Manditory Reshuffle" in the log.
(7) After 7 spins you will earn a skip. This will give you a new random number.
(8) Keep guessing until you run out of lives (located at the bottom of the screen).

For those of you who have more cash than you know what to do with, check out High Low Pro Elite, the ad-free/donation version of the app. It's cheap, and you will help feed a hungry family.