UniGostop 1.0.35 - korean flower card game for foreigners

GoStop (MatGo) - Korean flower card game derived from Japanese card game.
Deck of Korean hwatu cards usually includes bonus cards.
Typically there are two or three players, although there is a variation where four players can play. The objective of this game is to score a minimum predetermined number of points, usually three or seven, and then call a "Go" or a "Stop", where the name of the game derives. When a "Go" is called, the game continues, and the number of points or amount of money is first increased, and then doubled, tripled, quadrupled and so on. A player calling "Go" risks another player scoring the minimum and winning all the points themselves.
If a "Stop" is called, the game ends and the caller collects their winnings. (wikipedia)

1. Server Online Game

2. Single Gostop Game

3. Google Login, Google Cloud (Score)

4. User Define Speech setting

* Match record : win - lose - foul

* Foul record : If you go out when you have your opponent score ( + ), 1st Buck ( - )

* AD button : Reward Ad , 200 Game Point if less than 200 Game Point