Tractor Puzzles is our new thrilling puzzle game for real fans of Tractor.

Tractor Puzzles features:
- 32 Tractor Puzzles.
- Four game modes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6.
- Play any Tractor Puzzles you want from the start.
- Light weight of the app.
- Compatible with phones and tablets.
- Absolutely free game.

Some facts about Tractor:
- Wheeled tractors can be used on public roads, where they can develop greater speed. However, their strength of adhesion to the ground is limited and, therefore, limited and the thrust force. On loose soil such tractors can slip.
- Some wheeled tractors conversion on the stroke of half-track and low-pressure tyres to work in wet and loose soils.
- Crawler tractors are widely used in agriculture, in non-cohesive soils and in industry because of its simplicity.
- Row crop tractors with ground clearance of 450 mm has been called universal. Universality implies both the possibility of cultivation of different crops and the different kinds of work. An important feature of universal tractors is the ability to control the track width.
- Transport tractors are only wheeled. Intended for the carriage of agricultural cargoes on trailers. Have a high working speeds up to 50 km/h . The transport of agricultural goods transport tractors less expensive than freight vehicles of similar capacity.

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