In this catching MCPE map you need to do really everything in order to get out of the strange scientific laboratory, where you wake up. Download this new map for Minecraft for free and find the way out!
In this exciting MCPE map you wake up in unknown place, having no idea, where are you and how you get there. Soon you realize, that you are in the strange scientific laboratory, where there is no everybody, nevertheless, you have a strong feeling, that someone is watching you. In this map for Minecraft your main aim is to do the utmost to find the way out, but it won’t be easy, you can get lost in the long corridors, and in the dark rooms treacherous traps and terrible creatures are waiting for you. In this MCPE map you will find many tablets with prompts, and, although, it won’t be easy to stay alive and escape, it’s possible, if you will follow the tips and be careful and attentive. Never lose your attention, because this MCPE map is full of numerous traps and dangerous monsters, which want to kill you. If you are not afraid and want to risk, download our map for Minecraft «Thrilling Portal Adventure» for free and do everything to save your life!

• You can download this map for Minecraft for free.
• In order to play with this map Minecraft Pocket Edition should be installed on your mobile device.
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