It is a pure memory game. It's about the sequence of pictures to keep in mind, to remember of it and then restore it. The best method to memorize of the pictures is to use of the "Story technique" . You look at the pictures and invents a story for it.

The task in this game is, first, to emboss the order of pictures and secondly, to restore the order of pictures after mixing.

If you play the game for the first time, it will only 5 drawings displayed. Do you have a story to ready, then press the "Bereit" button. The images are mixed.
Now slide one image on any other with one of your finger. The Pictures swapping their place. In this way, you trying to restore the original arrangement.

The number of images (between 5 and 54) can be freely selected in each game. You use for it the "BilderZahl" - button from the main menu.
If you need help for restore the pictures, then press the button with the "eye" view. All images will move to their original position. By clicking again of this button, you go back to the game.

Have Fun !