This game is about making profit. How ? Well, you just have to keep your code monkeys inside the office and make sure they bounce off the desks. That way you get innovation and... um their ideas at no cost whatsoever. As an IT boss, you want fancy stuff and big companies. You can get all those, but only if manage to keep 'em in. See if you can run an IT company for yourself. Don't try to fix the water dispenser or but fancy electric screens. Your workers will quit the company if you don't guard the door. They will often use the office equipment to do a little own project or just casually browse social sites all day. You have to evade the sick notices, the broken hardware and embrace the great money making ideas and of course the beers that would be casually introduced during working hours. Productivity ? No, no, it's about guarding the door on the way out and making sure you sell the company at the right time.