I know you will, so here is what happened in the fairy tale land:
Temple Princesse Sofia Adventure Word is late is getting married and all the princesses Ariel are there with fashion; Snow White came along with Frozen princess, Princess Ariel, Princess Aurora and Princess Belle came with a lots of gifts, princess Merida and princess Rapunzel were doing a horse race, Princess Merida arrive first but princess Rapunzel has stopped to collect some delicious apple to eat some and give some to her horse and to bring the rest as a gift to other princesses, by doing so, princess Rapunzel entered a mysterious road full of danger, obstacles and apples.

This adventure game is a totally free game for girls and boys!

This beautiful princess game helps you game (girls and boys) concentrate and coordinate their action and though, the fact that you have to tap to jump at a precise moment give your child a feel of the details and push him to plan ahead of the action, also it will helps your children to learn from experience, and of course understanding the rules and predict the outcome of alternative move.

Some will think that girls that love princesses and Rapunzel especially will enjoy it more, but boys can also find it exciting too with the horse riding and the action packed obstacle and dynamic.

Let your kids be creative and smart by downloading this free app: Rapunzel

★ How to play:

how to play:
🍂 Press A when you got power up to shoot monsters
🍂 Press A without power up to run instead of walking
🍂 Press B to jump over obstacles and enemies
🍂 Move the joystick to turn in different directions

🌟Game Feature:
🍂 Smash monster and bosses
🍂 Get power up in hidden blocks
🍂 Collect pearls to get a free power up in app purchase
🍂 Unlock 4 different worlds
🍂 Get the bosses in their castles
🍂 Transform into mermaid in the water
🍂 80 wonderful, well-designed, exciting and challenging levels
🍂 Enjoy a completely free in app purchase with 0$

Download the Game now!! and have fun with the princess in her different dresses and her transformation into mermaid