*Go ahead and join the tappers in our fun game, that we made especially for gamers like you people, so hurry up and join the tappers society

*welcome to this fun world, there's an amazing story told, a hero named tycoo went out on an adventurous trip, to collect gold coins and to get to the great gold mine and the coins are his guide, so help our hero to get his gold, but wait a second! won't be that easy because of the monsters hired by his greatest enemy *the evil blood sucking vampire) that has took over the gold mine instead of his mini mine, so go ahead and tap it to make our tough guy become a great tycooner

* Tap for cool jumps to get riches by collecting all those gold coins and become a tycooner and make it hard for your friends to make it better than you


- How to play :

* Tap to jump and dodge the monsters and run away from them towards the gold mine

* Double taps gives you a higher jump and for a cooler flips to dodge your enemies in style

* Get all the gold coins you can and make it hard for your friends to beat you


* More levels added and more fun for you fast tappers

* The more you play the faster and harder it gets and the faster your reaction becomes and your brain works faster

* Other cool characters will be added to this tapping game ( as the great tiger , the electric lion, and the great transforming jenny )

* A lot of things fixed , such as (the sound effect, the colourful backgrounds and more coins and money to collect)

**This game was edited by some professionals

- Alessandro Sampaoli from Argentina

- Juaquin Caceres From Uruguay

- Chang Cheng from China

Start downloading and help us with your feedback

*Ps : This games is translated to 13 languages ( ENGLISH - FRENCH - SPANISH - GERMAN - SWEDISH ) ...etc