Get ready to have all the fish fun that you can stand. Play through 20 levels of fast paced fish feeding, monster fighting, and money collecting. Also comes with a survival based mini game with four different characters to play!

There are 4 different fish tanks and 20 different pets to unlock. You get to take up to 3 pets with you into each level. The pets help you in ways such as fighting the monsters, feeding the fish, collecting money, and more. Each tank has two different fish to be filled with. As you feed your fish, they grow and drop money. Forget to feed them and they will quickly die.

Monsters will suddenly come into the tank and try to snack on your fish. Shoot them with lasers to keep your fish safe.

When you get tired of keeping the fish alive, head on over to the mini game and play any one of the four monsters. Eat as many fish as you can before the floating lasers do you in. The more fish you eat the more lasers that come out. How long can you survive?

**I will be keeping up with the game so if anyone has any complaints about the game or notices any bugs just let me know and I'll fix it as quickly as possible.**