"Tap The Hole" is a new game created by our team.
It's similar as the game of " Shoot the Shrewmouse".
It's a very soothing game and suitable to play when you are under the pressure and feeling restless!
The Characteristic of game:
*It divided into four levels,
and it depends on each individual player's ability to select the level of game!
*The "Extreme" is the most difficult and special game to pass among the levels!
You have to come and try to challenge it!!
*There are three main characters and three enemies!
Each of main character has a different weapon, and each of enemy has different sound effect.
*There is specific user interface to record the best points!
You can share with friends together to achieve the highest level!
*It supports mobile phone and tablet!
Please join us and play together.
If you think this is good game then please give us a rating, and share with your friends!
Thank you!