Girls, today in our brand new game, you will have the
opportunity to be a designer to design an excellent mermaid tail outfit for our beautiful princess. If you are ready, then come to start this wonderful game. At first, come to measure her body size such as waistline, ankle and long length. Write down the girl size for a record and choose one bright color cloth material. Make the key points on the cloth one by one and then use the scissor to cut the main shape of the tail dress. Sew the general shape of the tail dress by stitch and lines. We have prepared for you one sewing machine and you can use it to sew for the two pieces of tail dresses. In the following step, you can decorate the mermaid tail dress with shinning accessories and fish scales to make it more beautiful and come to dress up for our mermaid with necklace and charming clothes. Show us your great design skills and have fun.

1. Choose one model girl and measure her body size for a record
2. Design and make one mermaid tail dress
3. Dress up the model with mermaid tail outfits and accessories
How to play:
1.Measure the girl’s body size
2.Choose one piece of bright cloth material
3.Make some key points on the cloth
4.Cut the main shape of the tail dress by scissors
5.Use the sewing machine to sew the dress to one whole piece
6. Decorate the dress with shinning accessories
7. Dress up the model girl with mermaid tail dress
8. Decorate the girl with beautiful accessories