SuperStar Girl Fashion and Makeover need help to get out in the distinctive evening with their companions and loitering in the streets of New York
But the girls was not able to choose beautiful clothes and makeup to surprise their companions are the need for an attractive appearance, you can get the game now and Help the girls to get nice appearance and attractive FOR FREE!

we give you a lot of fashions clothing and styles superstars girls like a zimmer mann.
Dress up now came to you with new Tantdharon my father and my father and we promised him before in the games for girls
Play the and enjoyed Hada my father's wonderful application chose where all the beautiful things of natural Mnadhar and equipment of farming for decorating beautiful dresses and accessories increase for other portrayal we added to give a special beauty of the games new girls favorite son everyone and especially girls who love makeup and dressing Games and in order not to prolong you Arise now heading off yourselves and judge it and enjoyed playing

these girls game will help you in choosing hairstyles, dresses, accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wedding rings, bags. Make stylish look for the model, and then you can compare the models, which is the most beautiful. this new dress up game for girls who love fashion and beauty and vacation trips or camp with friends, the girl let it be a princess in this game so she looks great out on the summer trip.
Start with applying makeup, changing eye makeup and lipstick for the girls to look stunning,
Then you can change the hairstyle and shoes, dressing the girl and add some accessories and jewelery at. Now the girl is dressed up, then you can comfort them on the board is that you need to go on a trip by car or with friends at camp.
dress up games and cooking games is one of the most popular games for girls.

-- Features:
- Girls dress
- Car travel games
- Make-up princess
- Hair salon