Classic jumping game, bring back your memory of childhood!

This game is a fun game for everyone. You will play as a hero to rescue the princess of an island which is arrested by a dark sorcerer. Through each region, you will enjoy the different tracks.

Classic marin begins his journey and adventure through an amazing worlds. You will enjoy a very entertaining game play with one of the best 2D platformer games. Get ready for the variety of enemies and obstacles. Challenging your skills by finishing all levels and achieve the destination.

You are the lonely forest people on this adventure island, you have to fight the smash bros, overcome obstacles such a rocks, bonfires ... for keep yourself safe.

The brave primitive boy have to overcome the difficulties, handle various monsters adventure, pass variety types of traps. He will go through vast oceans, cold glaciers, mysterious jungles and dark caves.

+ Clean and colorful graphics
+ Smooth user interface
+ Music and sound effects
+ Play for all ages
+ Great Sounds and Graphics.
+ Game is free, no purchase required.
+ Suitable for kids and children
+ Phone and Tablet support

Relax, and let’s take an adventure in super adventure jump!