Welcome to the Jump and Escape game. This is a run game made for children of war book. The goal of our game is to introduce children, and we try to provide the game's furthest around.
This game is about a small and fast military story left with dangerous barriers in the jungle and in war and escape. You'd better have an adventurous spirit for this quick adventure before you download this game and help the military fast.
Your job in this game is to get the military from the beginning to the finish line in each level in the end game before time runs out.

Are you sure you are 100 percent for this quick adventure in war, jungle and running?

The military tries to find his companion and his warrior friend,
So help him achieve his goal. The road to his goal is indeed a very risky adventure through long road obstacles.
There are so many mines, deadly poisonous thorns and mined obstacles,
In order to get the stars and speed to complete the task you have to jump and run fast, which is actually the best way in this adventure.

Advantages :

-Free Run and Jump Games
-Military adventurer