Do you love Buunicula? Are u crazy fans of Bunnicula and baby mouse?
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spend a lot of evil skeleton, Wariors, Grey Matter, Buunicula Sharks and also go through castles, But be careful! Lots of dangers Omniverse, Four Arms, Heatblast, Jetray reboot enemies, troubles, obstacles, tennyson difficult traps, you have got watch Transformation Ultamatrix
To complete the platformer game Super ben's Buunicula will jump and run up to speed with superhero ben albedo on many obstacles, fight and shoot against fire fly ninjas, the bats, reboot, ten, humungousaur, skeletons, kevin 11, Sharks, gwen tennysons toys, force omnitrix and Omniverse many other monsters omnitrix force
Climb the huge Ben Alien humungouzaur Transform bridges, Rook Blonko, dr. animo, Vilgax, armodrillo, grandpa max, Charmcaster, kevin e levin, Wildmutt, stairs, avoid falling bricks, reboot find hidden blocks and levels, collect coins with ultimate way big, swim through dangerous seas
This Jump and Run up to speed is an addictive adventure dash game!

👽 watch classic gwen tennys platformer for children, adults and kids toys
👽 classic retro running up to speed adventure dash games
👽 Easy and free to play but difficult to master
👽 Side scroller ben alien game with simple controls game
👽 explore lot of challenging and addictive transformation and lands and defeat all enemies

1) Features of Super Buunicula Adventure :
* 50 challening levels and Buunicula available with slowly increasing game difficulty
* Super animated enemies like fly fire, Sharks, Wariors...
* watch Buunicula different addictive transforming
* Super monsters transform watch like psychobos, aggregor, Heatblast, tennyson
* water and sea transformed - jumping, Rath running 10 up to speed XLR8, fighting AND swimming with Ripjaws!

2) How to play Super Buunicula Adventure :
* click button hand for attack with hand fire and moving Buunicula 10000 super hero boy!
* press Jump to make Super Buunicula jumping!
* Jump: Jump Up & Jump To Buunicula other Side with Spidermonkey
* swimming: press Jump to swim Ripjaws higher, release finger from button to go down!
* click button XLR8 for speed running

try to open all Levels and to be number 1 of Score! not 10000 for Super Buunicula Adventure
Have fun with Buunicula.