Ready for a real challenge? Love using logic to solve puzzles?

StarCoin is a 2D classic and free game- typically played on tables the old fashioned way - but brought to your device screen for your pleasure!

Alternate between the coins to hit the golden star.
Toss the unlocked coin through the two locked coins in order to cross the line.
There are unlimited moves - Beware of the poisoned coins!

How To Play
There are 3 coins connected with lines. Each time you want to choose a coin you have 2 options to cross the line. Don't touch without planning at least 1 turn forward. Be very careful with your moves and practice your sliding and tossing touch!

Now available on Google Play for you!

- A challenging puzzle game.
- 3 different puzzle worlds.
- Cool animation and graphics.
- Great music and sounds
- Hours of fun and brain exercise

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