It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and these pooches know it! Head to work with these 10 hardworking hounds, each a professional pup in their own canine career! Painters, pilots, firefighters, photographers-- these tenacious tail-waggers are doing it all!

Our Find the Difference game is sure to give you hours of fun. With some unique features, Working Dogs delivers a truly captivating experience.

The hidden differences and other items in the scene change each time you play which greatly increases replay value. Hints are available if you get stuck, and there are 3 difficulty levels to choose from.

Three difficulty levels:
EASY: You don't need to find every difference to advance to the next scene.
NORMAL: Unlimited time, and hints if you get stuck.
HARD: Both time and hints are limited, for those wanting a challenge!

Have fun! : )