Speed Color: Challenge

An interesting coloring game suitable for all ages. Color the designs as fast as possible and set it as your record.

Unlike other coloring or doodling game, Speed Color : Challenge increases the excitement with time challenge. You can practice to beat your own record or compete it with your friends. Speed is the key for winning.

This game comes with 3 different game modes, each mode has its different kinds of coloring challenge to test the speed of your finger. It is well designed not only for coloring lovers, but for those who like challenges as well.

Features of Speed Color : Challenge
- Simple yet challenging designs
- Real time touch screen function
- Auto detection for complete coloring
- Various shapes of brushes
- 3 different game modes challenge

If you love coloring, then you must try Speed Color : Challenge. It is a great game that can even kill your boredom anytime. Download it now and have some speed coloring challenges. Color and have fun.