This action game is inspired by those retro space shooters from SNES or Atari. It is a true sci-fi game with arcade features that you cannot loose.

What you can do in the game?

- Complete special mission levels by defeating different enemy spaceships.
- Galactic fights against final bosses.
- Overcome your friends on Facebook.
- Customize the shape, speed and color of 6 different spaceships.
- Dodge and destroy asteroids.
- Use your super powers in the worst moments.
- Complete over 50 levels with space shooter mechanics.

Best features:

- Very complete: 6 spacecrafts, 50 levels, 6 final bosses and 3 game modes.
- Very good personalization of the spaceship.
- It combines shooter and sci-fi game.
- It keeps the essence of indie and retro games.

In short, this free space shooter game combines shooter and science fiction game. The final result? Lots of action in a game where you won’t miss battles against bosses and enemy ships. A true space shooter with arcade features that you will not regret to download.