Hi, how are you today? Do you have plans or are you preparing for a day very relaxing at home? If you do not have plans then we have an idea, we thought that you can help our friend Roxana to prepare for a party. She is a very beautiful young woman who has to go to a party but for this we need from you to do everything that you can for her to look incredible. You have to help her to be the most beautiful young at the party. Sure you're a good friend and you accept to help us through this makeup game for girls. If you want to help out on Roxana you will have to be very careful in the way in which you treat her. She will come to your spa salon and you'll have to apply different treatments that will help her to feel better and look better.
We wish you success! Follow all instructions!

1) At first you will have to do a facial treatment, massage very well her face. The massage will help her to relax. You have to let her sit a few minutes with her face to steam;
2) Now she needs to take a special facial treatment, apply an exfoliating gel that will cleanse her face, apply a moisturizing mask and finally a herbal cream to soothe the skin. You must eliminate acne;
3) After you have taken care of the skin is time to makeup her. You will need to apply: eyeshadow, Blush, lipstick, mascara, contact lenses, eyebrow pencil and a gorgeous necklace;
4) Roxana is very beautiful but also needs proper clothing, in her closet you will find many clothes you have to be careful what you choose. Please choose the appropriate accessories.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose other, spa games, girls games and games for girls.

Thanks for being a good friend, Roxana is very beautiful and happy. You can come back anytime you want to take care of our friend through this game for girls.