Creating a fun home atmosphere for your small people is something that can really make them feel warm and excited, and with this small people house decorating game you can easily create the perfect home for your small people to live in and enjoy. Here you can easily rearrange all the different furniture pieces to create the perfect living areas for your small people to spread out in. You can also decorate the front yard and place the play set and eating table out ready for great outdoor friend fun. When done you can then start over again and great new and exciting rooms with this small people house decorating game and have lots of fun with your friends.


HOUSE decoration fun! Choose which rooms your small people want to sleep, eat, or relax in.

REARRANGE your doll house furniture to create the perfect doll house setting.

DECORATE the front yard with play sets and outdoor tables for friends to enjoy when visiting.

START your house decorating all over again and change each room to create a new and exciting house decoration theme.