this game is an all in one beauty make over starting with skin care. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a world leading dermatologist? well here you can practice and help people achieve their beauty and skin care wishes. carefully wash the girls face and step by step the game will show you what to do next until she has beautiful soft blemish free skin! next you will give her the perfect classy makeover chose from an array of classic and modern styles, whatever you thinks suits her best and develop your skills as a makeup artist. lastly you will give her the perfect look with all the latest designs and styles from upcoming designer. you can be the fashion stylist that you have always wanted and show your model how to let her inner beauty shine. After all your hard work you can chose a theme or a location for the finished look, save or print your masterpiece, then show your friends. This game is perfect for all young aspiring beauty fashion fanatics. Click play today and have fun while being creative.