Skiller is a mobile interactive multiple choice contest based on knowledge and players skills.
Each game has its own unique gift based on best player score.
Only Premium Games players are eligible for gifts.
Free games are intended to test personal skills and prepare players for Premium Gaming.
Questions are presented in various groups such as Music, Sport, Film and most of them in General.
After installation please register to participate in the competition, only registered players are entitled to participate in the game. Simply fill in the registration form or use social media networks like G+ or Facebook. You will be given 100 coins to your account. This will give you access to Premium Games and Boosters.
Once you have successfully registered, you will be automatically logged in lobby.
Please note: you have to registered once and to LOG IN each time you exit from application.
Answers must be provided for 20 randomly generated questions from a pool of 5000 (we are adding more skillful questions daily). Points are awarded not just for correct answers but at the speed the answers are given. The final score is a mix of knowledge with quick thinking reflexes.
Each correct answer is rewarded with 10,000 points with each one hundredth of a second (1/100) securing an additional point.The final score is a total of correct answers multiplied by 10,000 added to the total time spent on the game. Once the 20 question game is completed, you submit your final score by clicking the FINISH button.
The total TOP10 scores globally and your current position will be displayed.
Not happy with your position, feel free to play again and improve your score and position. You can play as many times as you want.
Looking for more drama with your Skiller game play? Why not give RISIQOa shot.
Every correctly answered tenth question can net you 2,000 extra points!
Every correct answer after that nets you 500 extra points per!
However, if you fail at this point, your score will be reduced to zero.
This is not for the faint of heart. Big gains come at a big RISIQO!
The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of that game's time limit - labeled with GAMES ENDS:
Any games not completed by the termination time/date, will not be processed and will not be included in the final score/order.
The complete list of confirmed winners will be available within the app, in the WINNERS under REGISTER / LOGIN button on main screen, and on the Skiller web page:
Have you played, completed and been ranked in at least one Skiller Premium Game? Good news! - You are in the running for prizes! only you have to worried about is your score! are you 1st ranked? no? try again.
The main prize goes to the winner of the Skiller Premium Game.
The prize is set and cannot be exchanged for cash value.The organizer of the game is obliged to inform the winner within 24 hours from the end of the game, time, place and method of prize collection. This is done either by registered email or by phone sms. All eligible winners MUST submit their full name, mail address, email and mobile number.
You can only register once. Single individuals register more than once will not be eligible for prizes.
There are two types of Boosters to assist your game play. In order to activate them, you must cash in COINS from your account.Each Booster comes at a cost of 5 COINS. During one game play, you are allowed the use of 2 Boosters maximum (providing you have enough coins on your account).
FREEZE - Use this time wisely to come up with your answer without losing time related points.
REJECT2 - Have two incorrect answers removed from your choice of four answers, increasing your odds!
Both Boosters and Premium Games can be topped up with in app purchases by clicking on the COINS tab in the Lobby section.