Check your knowledge of Animal trivia by answering simple questions! All you have to do is guess the name of the Animal.

What is this animal? A simple question but yet you will find so many animals you have not seen before.

Not only that you can discover new animals that you never knew about but you can also check your memory and try to remember the names of some strange ones.
this is a quiz that everybody can learn from! "Animals Quiz" can become a valuable educational application for children, helping your kid to discover animals that live in farms or in wilderness, from all over the world : birds and animals from the amazonian jungle, fishes from the ocean, big like whales and elephants or little cute ones like hamsters or cats.

Best quiz on Animals ever! Specially for all the boys and girls, kids and adults who love puzzle games, brain teasers and other intelligence games!

You think you know all the Animals in the world? Get this cool quiz app and have fun learning for hours!

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