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With this tom cat games and talking tom the virtual pet calling app you can choose from 3 different fake call modes, to get fake call from the virtual talking tom cat it depends on your favorite mode, in addition to that the talking tom fake call simulator allows you to set time when you want talk to talking tom on the phone and get fake call from virtual pet talking tom, also you can get instant fake call from tom the talking baby kitten by pressing on the "Call Now" button to receive calls imediatley and have fun with friends. This cat games and talking tom fake call simulator is desined with a very simple user interface that make all users able to play the cat games and simulate fake call from the talking virtual pet easilly and without any diffuclties.


- Offline virtual pet calling app
- Easy to simulate fake call from baby kitten
- 3 different virtual pet fake call modes
- Set time to schedule calls
- Contains cute kitten voices

And more features we will let you to find out by yourself when you get this Free virtual pet calling app.