Hi, is your lucky day, today you'll be able to meet a royal family that soon will have a new member, a crown prince. Sure you'll be delighted to be witness at a such an important moment and that is why we want to get involved you in this story. Your role will be very important, you'll be the doctor who will help the beautiful queen give birth to a healthy and beautiful prince. You definitely have a lot emotions but you should know that this game for children will get rid of all emotions and even using the details you will be able to do everything exactly as it should.
Queen wants to become your friend and you will have to behave very nicely with her.
To make everything wonderful you have to pay attention to all instructions of this game for girls.
Good luck!

- At first you have to help our queen to give birth;
- You will need to consult her;
- Check blood pressure;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check if the queen has fever;
- Now you have to do ultrasound to see the baby's condition;
- Do anesthesia;
- Prince was born;
- You will need to consult him;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check weight and height;
- Change the diaper;
- Apply a special lotion;
- Now you have to give him milk;
- Choose the most beautiful clothes;
- Decorate the child's room;
- Queen and Prince feel well, you're a very good doctor.

The royal family is grateful for your help, please come back daily to help us through this game with the princess.

Have fun!