If you love your puppies then you will just love this Puppy Beauty Spa salon game. Now you can choose your very own puppy and give them their favourite toys to help keep them happy when giving them their beauty treatment. Here you can easily wash, rinse, and dry your puppy ready for their brushing session. Once done you can then have plenty of fun with accessorizing your puppy with different types of shoes, headbands, coats, collars, and tail jewellery. When you have finished their fun look, then you can take them out and show the world just how pretty your puppy really is. So if you love dogs and you love to care for them then you will just love this Puppy Beauty Spa.

Features :

- CHOOSE your very own puppy to pamper

- KEEP your puppy happy by giving them a toy while you wash, rinse, and dry them

- BRUSH your puppy so their fur is soft and ready for styling

- ACCESSORIZE by changing their head bands, shoes, coat, collars, and tail jewellery

- ENJOY playing with your puppy and making them happy with this beauty day spa