Play with more than 2000 words ! ?

It's not the time, when you gather it's busy with each gadget.
Play this game while you are gathering!
game 3-19 people in 1 smartphone!
Find the villain, among your friends!

Get to know your role, and understand who your enemy friends are as soon as possible before your opponent knows first!
Citizens, secret agents, tourists must immediately find bad guys and hoaxis in disguise in your crowd!

• get together with your friends or family? Looking for an exciting game that is interesting to enliven the atmosphere?
• Looking for the best way to keep your friends from being busy with their smartphones? Or look for ways to get warmer gatherings?

You have to play ! PUBLIC ENEMY !
Find the real liar !, designed so that all players can participate actively. We guarantee the atmosphere to be exciting, full of laughter and surprise! ?


1. Only need 1 smartphine for 3-19 players.

2. Don't need an internet connection. You can play anywhere, anytime

3. Our word database is specifically designed so that players from various backgrounds can actively participate, do not need special knowledge

4. Real-time ranking is indicated at the end of each round. Compare fibber skills with your friends! ?