In this game for girls, our princess who loves very much the makeover, has to go to the ball and for this we need to prepare her. She must be the most beautiful to draw all eyes to her and to conquer the prince.
Because we want like our princess to shine you have to respect every step and paying attention to details since she will come to your beauty salon.
1. For the beginning you need to wash her hair and then dry it.
2. Apply exfoliating mask on her face and then a moisturizing face cream.
3. Now you have to pluck her eyebrows.
4. After you get past the other steps you will need to choose an appropriate hairstyle, contact lenses and makeup.
5. Choose a gorgeous dress from her closet and then choose a pair of gloves and shoes. Very important are the jewels.
Now the princess is ready to go to the ball but also to win the heart of Prince.
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