Hi There. Today you should help some doctors at the hospital emergency because they have a lot of work and can not handle alone. You have to help them because they do not do well alone can not complete the operation. There was an emergency and need to go quickly to see in what condition the patient is and what to do with it. In this game you must help a woman who is about to give birth and who does not feel very well.

- Check her blood pressure and heart rate;
- Need to take rays to see in what state the child;
- Make them a shot to make it feel better;
- The child was born;
- Weigh it and check them to see if the height of a child with normal proportions.
- Choose her a blanket and a toy to lead to his mother.

Thanks you were so good in this game and that you agreed to help the doctor. We invite you to choose and other games for girls in this developer because we know that you're doing pretty well and that you really like.

Good luck!