A dreamy painting is with you, after you download our game you will see what you can do with it and get surprised and excited. Let’s come on the subject without lengthening and disquiting you more.
Our painting game’s subject is “Princesses and Prince” we named our game as Princess And Prince because you will have paintings like in your dreams and get wonderful pictures when you open and start to play the game and use usefull painting tools and lots of qualities. There are lots of princess pictures in the game.
In pictures we dont feature a lot of details on dresses to make you develop your creativity and use your imagination freely. You can also design on dresses by using painting tools like pencils in addition to paint them. By using magic wand in tools palette you can choose flowers, butterflies, roses, hearts,diamonds,necklaces,from objects library and choose the most suitable size according to your design from the window opened on the right and put necklace, earrings, neckband on our princess. You can put wonderful patterns and designs on dresses and enrich them according to your dreams.
In pictures we leave background free to make you design it according to your imagination. You can have free and original concepts with painting tools and magic wand. After you finish painting pictures, by clicking on frames icon from tools palette and choosing one of the wonderful frames which we prepared for you, you can put a fresh complexion on paintings you painted. If you dont like the picture, by undoing last actions from tools palette on the right, you can retouch on pictures. You can paint fast wherever you want on the picture by choosing the colour you want and using paint box on tools palette. When you choose pencil tool, you can decide pencil size from opened window and fix clarity. Thanks to this you can have more successful results on pictures.
As much as you play our game you will be master in the game and make up on princesses who is waiting for you to colour their world. Our tool bars are so useful that you can zoom in or out pictures by using magnifier tool and have details for example lips’ make up and mascara for eyes. In In this game, by using your drawing talent, you can design dresses and fashion and stay for a long time without getting bored. There is a blank page in the end of the application. You can paint or by using fames thanks to rich drawing tools, you can also prepare celebrating cards for people you love on special days.
After you paint pictures in the game, you can share them with people you love by using Facebook icon on the left or also Gmail, Google+ Watsapp, Hotmail, ChatOn sharing buttons which are in the upper menu.
As a “Coloring Games Team” crew, we make up a principle of preparing educational and enjoyable games to develop children’s physical and mental process for families. We dream of presenting lots of games like this. We wish you fun.