Hi, the best day of your life it will be this day because you will have fun with us through this kids game. You'll be able to have part of an unforgettable day because today you will meet a family of ponies. The mother will have to born and she will need the help of a responsible child that can complete this difficult mission. Do you want to help mother to know her baby pony? If you want to be our friend certainly you will do this through this game for girls. You will be able to use all the skills and at this time you will enjoy this most beautiful game with animals.
If you want a pony you can have one through this game with animals, you'll be able to prove to everyone that you can take care of an animal.
Please pay close attention to every detail of this game for kids.
Good luck!

- You have to give some food and water to pony mother;
- She is sensitive and she needs your full attention;
- She began to have pain and you should consult her;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check if the pony has fever;
- Check blood pressure;
- Now you have to do ultrasound to see how it feels the child;
- Pony was born;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check weight and height;
- Give him food and water;
- Prepare a warm place where the baby will sleep;
- The baby and mother are doing well, you're a wonderful doctor.

You have proven that you can be a great friend and for this reason please come back daily to help us through this game.

Good luck!