Is there anyone who doesn't love pj games of course no.
Pj flying masks adventure is a free flying adventures were our pj charater is trying to end the adventure flappy game in the forest and many places and trying to release the masks
of his pj friends.
Pj flying masks adventure is in danger and in need for your help man help your super hero charater to finish the flappy adventure game.
will you accept the challenge and finish the pj game.
New amazing super kid heroes temple mask flying game: catboy adventure is a free flappy game .

Pj flying masks adventure is a flappy challenging game. You can play it anywhere you like. This is so addicted with the simple and clear graphic, exciting song and your skill in direction control. Do not hit any barrier unless. PJ Hero mask will be crashed.
catboy are back for a new adventure, choose pj between various heroes including Catboy masks. Each of them has a special power to help you.
Catboy is the main character who should help other pj charaters get thier masks .