In this game you should make Pizza !

You will have Pizza orders, that you need to prepare in a limited time. With these orders, you will earn money, with which you can buy new ingredients, new backgrounds, improvments...

You should prepare pizza orders in a limited time, and pay attention to no let the pizza fall on the floor during the preparation ! To do this, think to not incline your phone to much, and pay attention to the rotation speed of your pizza !

the more the pizza that you will prepare, will have ingredients, tyhe more money you can earn, to buy new ingredients and earn even more money !

With this money, buy a new background or a new skin for your cooker, among the wide choose of backgrounds and skins that is offered to you, and thus make your game more beautiful !

Or you can buy some improvments, to earn more money, or to have more time to prepare your pizza orders !

Try to make the better score !
Try to make the better Pizzas to make money !