PIGGIES & BIRDS SPACE! The coolest game is coming, piggies now fighting!
move as fast as you can to avoid the attack from meteorites, FREE, KILL TIME.
try your best to update the local record and even the world record!
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This game is the updated by another game named "Bad Piggies Space",which is removed by Google because "intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior",feel so sorry.

*Android OS version: 2.3+ (4.0 recommed)
*Screen resolution:800x480+ (1280x800 recommed)
*No problem on your pad.

*How to play:
1.Touch the Piggies and move it on the screen, avoid to crash the meteorites.
2.There more than 3 types magic meteorites you can move your piggies to catch, Try to find what can they help you.
3.When you crashed with meteorites, you will lose your piggies, so..don't waste...
4.there 13 achieves are waiting for you, Try to unlock them all.

1.You can earn Exps from every game, Exps can be change to piggies, but piggies can't be changed to Exps, remember.
2.You can get shields from store in the game once a day, it will keep your piggies safe when you crashed meteorites.
3.Keep moving, It will be more difficult as time passed.

Enjoy this game.