Panda Preschool words is especially designed for kids at the age of 3-5. The app includes many different activities related to letters and vocabulary.
This learning app will keep your children entertained and help them learn English letters, words, and spelling.
- The app is the collection of various lessons about letters and vocabulary through many interesting activities such as:
+ Learn alphabet
+ Tracing letter
+ Say the name of objects.
+ How to spell the words.
+ Connect letter sounds with objects,
+ Help children develop memory skill with matching letter cards.
+ Identify the uppercase and lowercase letters.
+ Puzzle game
- Dozens of sounds and nice voice recordings of different letters, vocabulary,
- Beautiful graphics with many colorful pictures.
- Designed for children -- no confusing menus or navigation.
- Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next.
- Reward your child -- earn cute toy stickers as you complete each lesson!