Coordinate a similar match of pictures and test and enhance your memory with this diversion. Figure out how to remember.It's a cool game and it's just what You needed.
This matching game is a brain trainer, which can be played any of your spare time.
Memory game will quickly train your kid’s memory
Paddle Puzzle Coordinating cards is a fun and addictive confuse amusement. Discover all the coordinating sets of cards and go to the following level. Attempt to match combines in as meager moves as could be allowed, and flip the cards rapidly... the clock is have an option to show all cards .


* decent mood melodies

* cool designs

* basic one touch controls

* option to show all cards(You can open all cards three times in single game...)

Practice your cerebrum, enhance your fixation abilities with Matching cards!
There are about 8 pairs and 16 cards match the card with its pair...