Old Jack by DreamCentury, from the makers of Alchemy and the Fool's Square !

Challenge the pirate Old Jack by playing his Puzzle Game ! This old sea-dog won't let you win easily ! Beat him at its own game of over 120 levels ! A great adventure ahead at the most strategic puzzle game ever !

Play at this Puzzle Game in solo mode or with friends ! Challenge them and see who plays best !

Old Jack is totally free. Certain premium objects, such as the Pick, the Jail or the Adamentium Stone, can be bought to make levels easier to pass.

By downloading the game, you accept our terms and conditions; you can find by clicking on this link : http://www.dreamcentury.com/consumer-terms/terms


Old Jack characteristics :

● Destroy all game board gems by forming groups of 3+ gems of the same color !

● Depending on the game level, you'll have to achieve different objectives :

● Gold Square Rounds : change all game board squares into gold;

● Score Rounds : hit the score objectives;

● Chest Rounds : fill all chests of the board with the correct number of gems;

● Great graphics in a cool pirate world !

● Useful objects to help you achieve the level objective.

● A game easy and fun to play but hard to master :)

● Over 120 levels in a rich and cool world; new level upgrades every month.

● Challenge your friends and follow their score.

● Sync your game rounds easily once connected to the internet and keep track of your progression.


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