How to win:

>>>arrange your color in a straight line where one ball should always be in the center.

About Code:

>>>Code is written purely in native...., Pleased to help you people ,ping me to get the documentation. This is purely a 6 months job including training but actually i planned this before 3 years due to some limitation it got delayed, please comment your response so that we could make it better.
This is a game based on machine learning(but with a little divergence from the actual theoretical part). Code will be easy to understand please refer the link below.
Our game is open sourced , code is available at Pull requests are always welcome.... <3

>>>We have not currently prepared any doc ,check out here after some times.

About Us

>>>We are people who are passionate about developing new technology and doing research in humanoids, and Ai. As Alan Turing said AI cannot be created by this time, but can be able to fool human being that an real ai exists. If you feel interested please join with our initiative.