My mother gave birth to a very beautiful and healthy baby, but the problem is that they do not do very well at cleaning the baby and take care of him. In this game you have to help my mother and show her how everything should be done and how to care for her child. Please you to do this because we know that you like to take care of children and play with them.

1) First you have to take the baby and we weigh and measure.
2) then must try to make the baby a bath, namely to wash his whole body with a soap.
3) still must change his diaper because it is dirty.
4) We need to put a Prechal of pants and a shirt because we do not want to cool.
5) then you must anoint them with oil hands and feet to feel better.
6) at the end should make them a massage to relax the muscles.

Thanks you agreed to help my mother because she did not know how these things should be done, but now knows and can do very well continue.

Good luck!