Hi, how are you? Do you have plans for this day? If you have not made plans we have a proposition for you, namely we will provide the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. We prepared a special kids game, it is a very accessible game for children, you can play it anytime and is very easy to understand. Through it you will be able to practice the skills that you have not had the chance to develop. For example abilities that only a doctor has. You have to respect each step of this child care game.
You will be able to meet Ella, she is a young girl and in a short time she will become mother. Now it is her first pregnancy and she is very happy. She wants to be everything very well and therefore she needs a child able to help her. Do you want to help her? Do you want to be the doctor and her friend?
If you want to be a reliable help please observe all instructions of this game with babies.
Good luck!

1) You will now enter into the house of our friends and will meet Ella;
2) Ella is at the table, please help her to eat;
3) She needs protein and vitamins;
4) Please give her a fresh orange juice;
5) Now she wants to go to hospital to give birth;
6) You should consult her;
7) It checks blood pressure;
8) Check to see if she has fever;
9) You have to give her a medicine that will help her to relax;
10) Now she is ready to give birth;
11) The child was born and is healthy;
12) Check the child's weight and height;
13) Put him in bed;
14) Both are very healthy and happy and everything is due to a good doctor and a good friend.

Thank you for what you did today for our friend. Please come back every day through this game for girls.

Have fun!