Hello, do you feel the smell of tree? If you feel then surely is approaching the Christmas and this means that we must prepare for the winter holidays. These holidays are nice however and require more preparation. For example, for Christmas party we must prepare many dishes, clean the house and do adorn the tree. The party for New Year is special and for this party we must prepare a delicious dessert and we thought that a good idea is to make a chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is very good and we all want to serve such a cake. Do you want to help us to prepare the most spectacular New Year's table through this Christmas games for kids. If you want to help us then you should know that this cake recipe must be respected.
To be able to prepare a delicious chocolate cake please follow all instructions in this girls games.
Our kitchen simulates very well your presence in a real kitchen and for this reason we are sure you will feel very well through this chocolate cake cooking games.
Good luck!

1) At the beginning of this kids games you must know the kitchen and all the things that you need;
2) Maya is our daughter and she is waiting for you in the kitchen. She needs your help;
3) The ingredients are in the cupboard and fridge, you will have to sit them on the table. You'll need a stove and utensils;
4) The ingredients you need are: white chocolate chips, butter, crumbled chocolate, sugar, milk, cinnamon, water, eggs, vanilla extract, cheese, cream and baking powder;
5) Add in a bowl chocolate pieces;
6) The white chocolate flakes should be placed in another bowl;
7) And still you have to add all the ingredients in bowls so you can use;
8) Mix chocolate flakes;
9) You have to put the chocolate crumb in a bowl and then you have to add water and eggs. Mix well;
10) Place the mixture into a pan;
11) In a bowl you must add: raspberries, water and sugar. Mix well;
12) Turn on the stove and then place the pan over low heat. Add to it the following ingredients: white chocolate and milk. Mix with a wooden spoon;
13) Add in a bowl of water, butter, vanilla extract, cheese and raspberries. Mix well;
14) Add the mixture into a pan;
15) Insert the pan in the oven and wait a few minutes until it is ready;
16) Now prepare the cream;
17) Prepare several creams to be a very delicious cake;
18) Now you have to decorate the cake;
19) It's a very nice cake and definitely delicious. Are you a good cook.

Thank you for the cake, if you want to continue cooking a delicious cake we will expect you daily through this games for girls.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!