Twilight Sparkle wants you to join her in this new and fun online game, a new game in which she is the main character. Your friends from the My Little Pony series is always happy to offer you new and fun games and to spend more and more time together. This time she needs your help with some cleaning as she went for a walk into the forest and it started to rain very heavy. Noe she is very messy and needs to get cleaned in the shortest time possible and return to her duties for today. Join Twilight !
This morning she went into the forest for a walk and it started to rain. Now she is all messy and wet and needs to get cleaned up . Twilight Sparkle would like you to join her in this fun online games and give her a helping hand. You will have all the necesarry tools to clean her up and make her look perfect. The games has also a few instruction for you in case you are playing this game for the first time and do not know how to use the tools. Come and join your dear friend, Twilight Sparkle and have a lot of fun together in this new messy type of game. Twilight Sparkle is sure that you will have a lovely time together and she also invites you to try all the other fun games we have to offer!

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