The game is available on several characters of the excellent Pushemon and can play by moving the characters in the horizontal and vertical direction to collect 3 characters to pass the passage to the next level,
Piqachu and Robie Respetionist and other characters interesting and wonderful will discover in the game,
Backgammon Charandand and Effie are the features of the game and the way to play amusing you need to focus and intelligence of players.
The game is accessible to the young and the adults and is possessed of unrivaled intelligence
If you are a fan of challenge and adventure game designed specifically for you quickly loaded now
The game is designed by a global team that brings together the best programmers at the arena level
The game has made millions of downloads on the Google Play Store
Mixing and automatic storage of pushemon is essential to complete level and traffic to the next level

====>the way of playing

*Move characters on a horizontal or vertical level
*Collect at least 3 characters so you can complete and hide the number
*Focus on the personality to hide
*Move according to the number available to you
*Stir twice or more times or four times at maximum