Hello, my aunt Ana and feels very bad because she is pregnant and has to give birth a baby soon. We must take care of my aunt to give him everything she will ask and to make them pleasing. We need to find someone to do this because I have to go and there is no one to stay with Ana. We thought you'd be the best person to do this and in this game you have to take care of Ana to feel better.

1) First you have to check his heart rate and blood pressure.
2) We need to continue to administer a drug to reduce the tension.
3) We need to do a test with ultrasound to see the baby.
4) The further we realize that they are twins ultrasound appear as two children.
5) We need to make an injection and to manage a few tablespoons of syrup to not feel pain.
6) after giving birth must weigh twins and see what height have.
7) must put them in two separate places and to wash it clean.
8) still need to delete them well and put them in a blanket.

Then you must go to Anna because she wants to see his children. Thanks you agreed to help us in this game without you Ana could not handle it so well.

Good luck!