Becoming a doctor can be a challenging, yet rewarding thing anyone can do. With this monster surgery game you can easily see what it’s like to do surgery on a zombie patient to help them get through their rough day. Here you can check your patients heartbeat, remove bullets from their body, reduce swelling, wash their eyes out, heal sores with antiseptic oils, as well as clean the skin, wash and dry your patient, dress and style your patient, along with pulling all the metal shards from their body. So if you care about all walks of life, why not become a doctor and look after your zombie patient so they can get back out and scare.


Choose the zombie patient you are going to take through first to the surgery room.
Check your patient’s heartbeat with the stethoscope.
Take the bullets out from your zombies head, body and legs with the pliers.
Help reduce swelling by applying ice.
Wash out the zombies eyes to remove any dirt.
Help to reduce sores with the use of antiseptic oil.