In front of your hospital door appeared in front of a large monster who asked for help because he was attacked by a group of piranha fish and is badly injured. You have to sit in the operating room and to manage blood he lost much by contact with the fish, we must manage oxygen to breath better, and will measure the temperature to normal. Caregivers must face the hurt that is large enough, we must remove foreign objects from the front and to repair teeth for each tooth and broken. We need to remove all foreign objects from the body to not get sick and harder to clean the area, and have to sew them all cut marks on the body. Then you must make them an x-ray to see if you broke a bone, and we see that the right hand bone is fractured. We need to administer a tablet to calm down and have to make them an injection that will make good sea monster. We invite you to choose and other games for girls in this series to test your skills and other issues related to the care of small children.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play